Why Men Hate Going to Church: An Introduction

If you’re reading this, then you – like myself – are intrigued by this title. Now, intrigue tends to manifest itself in several ways: 1) playful curiosity, 2) abated skepticism, and 3) fireball-spewing anger. I’m hoping you’re at 1 or 2, but if you’re 3, that’s fine too. It’s not my title, so I feel pretty alright about that.

I signed up for a program with Booksneeze.com where I get to review books on assorted Christian topics of interest. It’s a program near and dear to my heart, because I love to: a) read books, and b) share my opinions. This really just feels like a match made in heaven. So you can imagine my utter delight when I saw a book titled Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Morrow. I figured that it would be a truly interesting read – and it may just spark a little bit of debate. So don’t kill the messenger. Or at least buy him a good last meal before you burn him in effigy. Any takers? No? Well, you can’t blame a fella for trying.

Because this topic appeals to me so much, me being a guy who admittedly has a poor church attendance record – in Bible College there were many a Sunday morning you could find me worshiping at Bedside Assembly –, I have decided to break it up into a few parts. This is partly to give me a chance to process his major points of interest, partly to give my five readers a more in-depth view of the book, and finally, it just feels like too potent of a topic to do it small. As they say in Newsies, “headlines don’t sell papes; Newsies sell papes.” Poor grammar aside, Christian Bale makes a great point. But when you’ve got a good headline too, may as well make good use of it, eh? So here goes:

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