Something about a mid-morning coffee shop.

There’s just something about a mid-morning coffee shop. Most days during the week I’m in classroom and not a coffee house at this time, so just being here is its own delicious little treat. Currently I am enjoying the ambiance at Kootenai Coffee in Coeur d’ Alene. It’s a fantastic little Christian-owned and operated coffee house across from the Fairgrounds. They have delicious coffee, a grand view of the mountains, and a wonderfully cozy fireplace – which is good for both reading and napping…depending on the does of caffeine coursing through my veins.

The only downside is that you can’t watch a Rodeo at the Fairgrounds while drinking coffee. A tragedy really. Nothing quite like sitting back, sipping on a cup o joe, while a cowpoke gets lit up by an angry bull. That, and all the potential methane being emitted from the cows’ derriere could be mitigated by the glass window that sits between them and I. It’s also February, so I suppose a rodeo is out of the question. Not sure why. I thought those cowboys were supposed to be tough. Aren’t we taking all of our activities to the extreme these days? So I say wrap an alligator-infested moat around the inside of the arena in the summer, load up some bronc-busting in the winter time, and let’s get this show in the road! (Just a side-note/diatribe)

But a coffee shop really is a creative experience. You never really know who/what you are going to run into. Each day is a brand new experience. It’s like a Broadway play, but the cast of characters changes on a daily, and even moment-by-moment, basis. This makes it all the richer because the performance is full of so many twists and turns along the way. It’s an intricately-woven experience that draws the viewer – people like me, borderline creepy, people-watchers – into the heart of the story.

One moment we are captured by the business men having their exciting and intense conversation about energy bills to the left. Then we realize that business meetings and energy bills are both boring…not mater the volume or context of the conversation.

At which point the policemen in the corner start to become appealing. But then the fear of police officers sets in. That feeling you get when you see them driving towards or behind you. You know your reaction. Time to slam on the brakes and say a prayer. But when you’re in the shop with them, and there’s not a few inches of steel and yards of roadway in-between you that gun feels a lot more intimidating. Do you think they’ll let me play with their taser in exchange for a coffee? Or should I amp it up to a breakfast burrito? Wait…we are talking cops here. I’ll buy them a donut. Or maybe a few…if they can’t eat them all now, then I’m sure they can fit some into those cargo pockets.

After being rejected by the cops in the corner, the intrigue lands upon a group of older men who either meet on a daily or weekly basis. They talk sports and have all the answers to what every team in the area – and when I say “area” I mean world – needs to do in order to be successful. If only I had talked to them BEFORE our league tournament two weeks ago! That was clearly my mistake. But the level of comfort and relationship evidenced in their interaction is to be envied.

And then…I am once again drawn to slumber by the talks of the businessmen next door.

Wait! Someone’s parking their car…we all stop and watch. A single act that unites an entire shop. Though separated by space, perspective, and varying levels of caffeine in the bloodstream, we are all drawn to the same action. Was there anything special about the parking car? Not a thing. But sometimes it’s just nice to do things with people.

There’s just something about a mid-morning coffee shop…

3 thoughts on “Something about a mid-morning coffee shop.

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    1. Isn’t it great! Though behind the counter you got to see them all come in. Quantity over quality in that case I suppose. But all is well, and I’m actually in your old digs now. Just hanging out with Minion. What is he…number 27 by now?

      1. Naw, quantity can’t ever replace the quality though, I only got to see them briefly now I get to fully observe and that’s way more fun! Actually the fish you’re hanging with is Pistachio. He’s actually a master of disguise, he’s really a goldfish, but has masterfully disguised himself as a beta. But I think your right about number 27 or so. 🙂

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