Back to the simple things

There are moments where life feels quite complex. Many memories come to mind of sitting on a couch – or other various sitting surface; or even standing, if you’re into that – and experiencing a tidal wave of overwhelmingness (Shakespeare would be okay with me making that word up). Lately, if I could be honest – and why not be transparent with the infinite nothingness that is the magical Al Gore interweb? -, it seems that a great deal of this deluge of plans keeps falling down on my head.

Now, if this deluge were warm and embracing like a hot tub of teddy bears being dumped on me, I wouldn’t be wholly opposed to the experience. Sadly this is not the case. (However, I did just get a great idea for my next great indie musical hit. Now if I could just figure out how to play the banjo. Cause “Teddy Bear Tub” really just feels like it requires a twangy touch.)

In response to this landing of stuff on my cranium, I am choosing to embrace the simple things. Instead of letting the veritable cornucopia of human frustration and  worry (when we can’t really add days or hairs – which is something I legitimately should be worrying about these days – to my life) get to me, I am going to welcome the life philosophy presented in Zombieland. I guess you really can learn something from a Woody Harrelson film. Who knew, eh?

Perspective really just plays a huge part in our existence. We know this, yet allow the negative Nancy’s of the world to seep into our thought streams. Embracing the simple things doesn’t mean forgetting about the serious things of the world. Rather, it means to remember the simple joys that can be found in each day and each moment. I’m not going to forget about my responsibilities – not that they would allow themselves to be forgotten. Instead, I am not going to allow those things to dictate my mood.

I am going to listen to my Dave Matthews Band – who hasn’t been hip since indie became hip – and play a little Xbox, which is absolutely a waste of time. I may even go an entire day without showering…just because I can. You’re not the boss of me! And thank goodness. (You also wouldn’t want me as your boss, or else you’ll be sitting around smelling nasty and playing Xbox with some DMB as the new sountrack of your life.)

Enjoy the simple things. Savor the odd moments of guilty pleasures. Fortunately, things don’t have to be understood to be enjoyed.

“Don’t take life so seriously; you’ll never get out alive.” – Van Wilder.


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