A Slightly Misleading Title

Leonard Sweet’s book, Real Church in a Social Network World, probably could have just been called Real Church and been just fine. Having read one of Sweet’s previous books, I am a Follower, I have been drawn to his passion and perspective. Yet, when it came to this title, I thought the eBook would have more to do with the Social Networking side of things. I was hoping to see suggestions of how the church could be more intentional about using social media.

Sweet does not address that so much as discuss what the church should look like today. Certainly this is an important topic, one worthy of discussion. However, that just wasn’t what I was looking for from my book experience. 

It was as short, easy, and insightful read. I am still drawn to Sweet’s passion and perspective, but I felt that the title was a bit misleading. Perhaps I just need to do a better job of reading the description. But he does discuss how social media reflects our need for story and relationship, which I did enjoy. 

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing in order to review it. 


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