Even Dead Batteries have a Plus Side

It occurred to me recently that there are actual lessons to be learned from history. This was a crushing blow to me, a history teacher, because now I feel responsible for teaching my students life lessons. Not only do I need to teach them random pieces of trivia to make them successful with standardized tests,... Continue Reading →


In His own Words

Martin Luther King Jr pleaded with us to make the world a better place. Raised in a world that must have felt overwhelming and ultimately uncontrollable, he taught us to stand and fight. Not just to fight because we feel we can win, but because it is right to stand. Today we give special remembrance... Continue Reading →

Magical Thumbs of Acceptance

With great power comes great responsibility. So please like responsibly in 2014. It is your social obligation. The core purpose behind advertisement is to allow us an avenue to inclusion. I learned as a kid that by purchasing a certain brand I could get instant admittance to a circle of friends that spans the globe. Once upon... Continue Reading →

How KFC Saved Christmas

It’s time to spice up the holidays. No, this isn't’ another Starbucks advertisement for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Unless they’re willing to pay me, in which case we’ll talk.) But sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing the same things at Christmas each year that we forget to stop and propose an eggnog-laced toast... Continue Reading →

Dressember to Remember

It’s pretty bad when you’re known as the dress guy. Each week the audience would sit in giddy anticipation of what kind of dress you were going to pop out with on stage, all the while both intrigued and aghast at how well a giant goatee and a flower print dress accent each other. Sure,... Continue Reading →

Me, My Selfie, and Iphone

Oscar Wilde once wrote that learning “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” And we in modern, western culture have taken this concept to heart with the development of social media. Sure, social media is a great way to connect with old friends, flirt with new ones, and post photos of kittens... Continue Reading →

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